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iPhone have certainly grabbed the interest of numerous gadget geeks from the day it was introduced to the public. Its sleek design and unfussy framework has definitely added to its popularity. As expected, it is very in demand which is why its value is very expensive. Nevertheless, the good news is that if you know exactly what you wish for and is aware of your price range then it is not difficult to find cheap iPhones.

Apple has concurrently released two models of the iPhone, first is the 8 GB and then the 16 GB iPhone. So you have two choices on which design to purchase. Usually, finding which model you want must be your first consideration. You should then think about on how you will use the device. Decide if you’ll use it for business or personal reasons and whether you need to include accessories or not.

In case you already have selected which model to purchase, you then must create a cost sheet for each of the items as well as the accessories. This process will help you take advantaged of the discounts.

However, because of big consumer demands, most suppliers are facing a shortage on iPhones. This will make finding cheaper iPhones nearly impossible. So how can you get a cheap iPhone? Well, you can consider these tips:

•    Cheap deals in local adverts and retail stores - There are actually many local retailers who would offer good iPhone deals as part of their promotional campaigns. This is their technique in getting customer’s attention and attracting prospect buyers. The classified ads section of newspapers is also one best source for cheap iPhone deals.

•    eBay and other auction websites - with auction sites you will have the opportunity to compare several iPhone prices. You just need to make sure you get exactly what you want in terms of quality and features and also the cost. You may also think about buying used iPhones that are also common nowadays. Despite the fact that they are used items they look brand new and are still in good shape.

•    Craigslist - you may choose to visit Craigslist. It is a very popular classified online site. It will help you find a gadget by just typing the product’s model number and the place you reside. Remember though not to be fooled by scams. There are many sites which offer cheap iPhones but in reality would let you first to spend money which is more costly than buying a genuine iPhone.